Hi, I’m Antony (he/him), a West Yorkshire-based writer, researcher, consultant and co-ordinator who’s spent much of the past twenty years either riding bikes, writing about bikes, or taking pictures of bikes.


Most of my writing and photography to date has appeared on Singletrack World, one of the UK’s most popular mountain biking (and gravel, and e-bike) websites, and in the print magazine of the same name. I’ve contributed kit and bike reviews, opinion columns, and longer features, particularly on weighty topics like outdoor access and the future of the bike industry. You can read a selection here, and there’s a more complete list on Muckrack. I’ve also got pieces coming out soon in Cranked Magazine and Cycle, the members’ magazine of Cycling UK.

I have a parallel career as a transport consultant and researcher, working mostly with the brilliant Beate Kubitz. Along with a trusty crew of riders, we run Cargodale, a pandemic-inspired bike delivery service that has made over 1,000 deliveries for local businesses since starting in 2020.

Photo: John Stanyon/Vocation Brewery

I’m open to offers of work for magazine or website features, with specialisms including mountain biking and gravel, but also everyday cycling, cargo bikes, and family cycling. You can contact me below or find me on LinkedIn (I check in there about once a week, so sorry if I don’t respond straight away).